Wednesday, October 8, 2008

More more more

So after the one was finished I went to work on more. I still need to stitch them but the hard part is over and I have quite a few cute cards to show for it. What do I do with them though? Add them to the shop? Use them as giveaways to promote the shop? A little of both? I'm waiting for feedback so we'll see if people even think they're cute. I do but I'm biased. :)

Something New!

So I decided to try something new for the shop - cards.

I love to scrapbook (when I make the time) and I love to sew/quilt so I combined the two and ended up with this:

A Sunbonnet Sue applique card! I posted it on in the forums to see if I could get a little feedback. I think it's cute but you never know - I come up with some off things at times and this could be one of them. On the other hand I may have found my 'thing'. That would be cool.

I'm going to make more 'things'. :)

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Getting your name out there

Advertising is important - no kidding. You need to get your name and info out there so people know that you're around! There are SOOO many people out there it's very easy to get lost in it all. . .thus the reason why I have my shop on Etsy, this blog and my website domain The Artful Mommy.

Sometimes you can find good people to help you out. Jocelyn @ The Little Love Bug @ Etsy kindly offered to send out my cards with her packages! Thank you to her and I hope she likes the Halloween Business Card holder from my shop that I sent along for her troubles and kindness. Only 1 left in stock!

Another amazing crafter is actually offering free earrings from her shop for bloggers who blog about her. IF I can get 10 people to click on the link to her shop I get a pair of really cool earrings! Actually, if I don't I may just have to buy a pair because they're really nice. Distinction Jewelry also has jewelry for lawyers (and other professionals). I love that! What to get my cousin for Christmas? She's a lawyer so I'll be looking through this category in another few weeks. This is a very talented jeweler! Check out this mobius ring! AND FREE SHIPPING! I think I really need these earrings. HINT HINT :)

So we'll see how things go with getting my info out there a bit while helping others at the same time. Fingers crossed and sewing machine ready - is LIVE

I just sat here for the last 4-5 hours working on the site. There's not much to it but I kept playing around with the layout and such and finally came up with something I like. . .until I change my mind. :)

The Artful Mommy