Thursday, March 19, 2009

Busy times ahead

So the Grand Opening of Simply S.O.T.A. came and went. I of course had to drive down for my own curiosity's sake and was surprised to discover some of my items missing/sold! :) Happy Day. I didn't take pictures as planned since it was crowded and I thought it would be odd to take pictures of customers. Fingers crossed on this voyage. The owner is putting together a program so we, the crafters, can log in and see what sold and what is still in inventory.

I've started a new project because I can never keep on one thing - designer burp cloths.
Someone suggested I try it and it's a fun little project with lots of possibilities. I all ready ordered more fabric for this idea (some cool minky and some toile) and it's set to be delivered tomorrow! :)

Not much else doing - like that isn't enough. Still packing with a settlement date the end of April. Taking care of the men in my life as well as the furry kids. Good times.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Big Day

So tomorrow is the big day - I meet with the owner of State of the Arts in New Hope about consigning my goodies! I'm excited, nervous and not sure what to expect since I've never done this before. I have my bag of goodies, an inventory list and business cards. I attempted to make a new bag tonight but my head wasn't there 100% and it didn't come out perfect so it's a 'dud' as far as I'm concerned. Good idea but bad conceptualization of the idea. It happens.

So here's to doing new things! And to not losing my voice which I fear may happen by then. :( Ugh, always something. Thankfully there's a Starbucks on Main Street as well. :) YUMS!

Sunday, March 1, 2009


I couldn't help myself; I just had to order fabric:

I got my hair done at an amazing salon in Eason, PA - Hair to Dye for. I've been in there a few times and love it! Everyone's amazing and the owner Gwen...she makes my hair very happy. Anyway, I was telling her about my purses and she said we could possibly work something out with me displaying the in her shop!! How amazing is that? So I HAD to get a little more fabric, right? Of course. :)

I've got my meeting at the shop in New Hope on Friday and would like to get a few more things made in time for that. We have a snow storm coming so it looks like tomorrow will be an excellent sit at the sewing table day. :) Whoo hoo.

AC next week makes me smile. I can not wait to get away for a few days. It'll be odd though - no computer. Will I survive? lol

And the big news - we got the house. Yes, I'll have my own sewing room. I can't wait for that one! How amazing will that be?!?

Until then I am exhausted and ready for sleep.