Friday, February 27, 2009

Mommy's got a brand new bag. . .or two!

It's been a busy 24 hours! I got two new bags done and I'm quite pleased with myself.

First is the Eliza Bag. I had My Fair Lady in my head for some reason and the swirls on the fabric reminded me of a dress she wore. I should post some interior pics. I've got an interior pockets for a cell/stuff and pens. I also added a magnetic closure.

I finished that one at 1am. I was determined to finish it.

Around 2pm today I decided I needed to use some of the fabulous new material I had gotten and got to work on something new. . .the Jenny Bag. I thought of a friend of mine with the skull pattern on this material though she has no clue I named it for her. I should probably let her know but I'll wait until she lets me know what she thinks of it first. (Update - she likes it :) )

And the interior:

I added an interior pocket and of course you can see my label! :)

So it's been a busy few days trying to keep my mind off of the house situation. We bid, the countered and we countered we wait. Actually they countered our counter counter. UGH! I hate playing games.

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