Monday, August 17, 2009

Oh what a beautiful morning...time to go back to bed.

It's an amazing thing to be up at 8am and already have chores working so you can relax more during the 'active' part of your day. For some reason the hours before 10am to me seem early...too early to function at times. Oh the flip side after 10am seems late and staying in bed until 10 or later often puts me in a sour mood as I feel that I've slept my morning away.

So it's an early (before 10am) Monday morning and I'm waiting in anticipation for critique of my work for a job I did for a local company. It's great when you find something that is so 'you' it doesn't seem real. I feel that way now - upon conclusion of my critique I may feel quite the opposite and vow to never touch my sewing machine as well. No, I'm not that bad at taking criticism...I just don't like disappointing others as well as myself. I'm thinking positive. When you enjoy what you do and you have a sense of creativity it tends to show.

Today I need to get in touch with the New Hope shop and see what the latest is on my goods: what's sold, what hasn't and will I ever sell enough to result in a check to give me the warm fuzzies. I also need to contact another shop that was interested though I found them shortly after moving when I didn't even have access to my sewing machine. I'm slowing building inventory and need to just check this place out - nothing like a field trip.

Never take a day for granted - it's a gift not a right.

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