Thursday, October 8, 2009

Productive Times

I'm still soaping and still loving it. The cure time on my cold processed soaps is finally up and I've tested them. I have to admit - I'm proud.
Regular sized bars...samples are 1/3 this size

The oatmeal & honey is a nice bar of soap. Good lather, nice scent and it's pretty. The pumpkin is amazing. The brown sugar on top is a bit rough at first though it smells nice, using it on your body is a bit abrasive. It does rinse off easily though and the resulting bar is so yummy. It smells better after using it!!! I put samples together and have my list of samplers for my first batches. I used NO artificial colors or fragrances! The scents and colors come from the all natural ingredients of oatmeal, honey, pumpkin and brown sugar! Yummy huh?!
All packed up and ready to seal and ship! Thank you!

This week I'm on the hunt for more lye so I'm doing some melt & pour. I got a little creative.

I also made a loaf of oatmeal, honey & almond goat's milk soap!! I've never done a loaf with melt & pour. It's nice because there's no cure time but I miss the mixing of the chemicals and anticipation of what it will come out like.

If you'd like to sample the oatmeal, honey & almond goat's milk soap be one of the first people to comment on this post!

When I hear back from my samplers on the other oatmeal soap and the pumpkin I'll be making them available for sale through my Etsy shop so stay tuned!

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