Wednesday, June 30, 2010

A painting a week worked out rather well

This was my next creation and I was very happy with the results. :)
Nefferitti was my next creation but I had issues with her face

I love sunflowers and for some reason they came to mind for my next painting.
And for my final painting(s) more sunflower though I liked my previous week's painting more with the dull background as opposed to the bright sky. I'm not sure why but it just worked better.

So all in all I have to say my 'Painting A Week' for the month of June worked out rather well even with a vacation thrown in and a puppy who needed surgery (she's fine thankfully). I'm not sure if the easel will stay out or go back into hiding though. I love sitting and painting but I run out of ideas too easily. I could set-up outside or take pictures from when the little man and I are at parks I suppose. . .sounds like another challenge is coming.

In other creative news I posted more goodies on My Artfire shop has also been upgraded to 'pro' for the month of July so let's see if I can make this happen. I'm pondering adding some of my painting but are they good enough? My eternal question of my work's worth. I've seen better and worse on there so perhaps we'll give it a try - it can't hurt to try and I'm always willing to try things at least one. :)

Seeking crafty days to crafty nights.. .I bid you adieu.

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