Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Inspirational Morning

While enjoying my coffee this morning and crafting a bit (on pendants of course) I thought about how to make something unique that people would like, would be affordable and that I hadn't seen before...and then it came to me. Personalized pendants!
These two feature my precious little man as a baby and now. I've seen the ones where the child's image is on a piece of gold but I've never seen anything like this so HOPEFULLY I can make my mark in the world with these...or at least make some cool pendants for friends/family/anyone else interested in purchasing them. 

$15 includes a 24" ball chain and shipping.

They're currently available on The Artful Mommy's Facebook but will soon be available on my Artfire page as well. I just ordered more supplies today so more fun to come with larger rectangle pendants (perfect for multiple kids/pets/the whole family) and round pendants!

A happy day indeed!

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