Thursday, August 5, 2010

Happy Baking Crafty Wii-day!

Another one of my loves is baking. Today a friend passed along her breadmaker because she hasn't used it and she knew that I wanted one. I was honestly floored and amazed and wanted to do a happy dance (but I refrained from being too silly and hugged and thanked her).

So today I started work on 10 new pendants (I did the graphics and printed them out yesterday). They're going through the 1st phase of 'production' now so photos to come once they're finished. No sneak peeks but they're a mix of suggestions from friends. :)

While the bread's rising and the pendants are waiting for the next phase to start I'm enjoying some Wii with my little guy and ignoring the buzzing dryer because sometimes you just have to embrace your inner child. :)

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