Monday, September 8, 2008

After the rain stops and the sun comes back shining. . .

Weekends are always hectic for me - I hang out at a friend's restaurant helping where I can, hubby's home so we have 'family' time, and there's always mom/wife things to be done.

I stopped at a quilt shop yesterday and got some cute halloween fabrics for an idea I have - shhh, it's a secret. I also got into for the 6th Annual Shop Hop. 15 quilt shops in the area are hosting it and it starts in November. It sounds like fun and there will be a drawing for those who go to all 16 shops! I could win a new machine or even a $600 shopping spree! WHOO HOO! I'm so there! And there and there and everywhere.

In an attempt to get more traffic to my shop I signed up for Link I seem to have gotten more visitors and so far even one review - we'll see.

I have a few halloween ideas in mind as well as little crafts. I hope to finish something today so I can update the shop. I'd like to add new items every couple of days - I lucked out week one but having so much so quickly.

We'll see what today brings. I'm heading to the craft store with a coupon later so maybe I'll find more good stuff.

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