Monday, May 4, 2009

The Time has Arrived!

The sad day arrived last week - completely packing up the sewing area in the 'old' home. We'll be starting the official move next week so it's going to be a busy time which means no sewing BUT it also means that when I unpack my notions and such that it will be in the new house in my new sewing room! Oh joy!

On another happy note -I received an email that I have store credit at Simply S.O.T.A. which translates into - I had sale(s). :) Very VERY happy news. I need to stop down there this week to drop off my new burp cloths and cross my fingers on that project idea.

So for now - it's back to packing and painting on this rainy Monday but it doesn't get me down - it's a Happy Day. :)

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