Thursday, March 19, 2009

Busy times ahead

So the Grand Opening of Simply S.O.T.A. came and went. I of course had to drive down for my own curiosity's sake and was surprised to discover some of my items missing/sold! :) Happy Day. I didn't take pictures as planned since it was crowded and I thought it would be odd to take pictures of customers. Fingers crossed on this voyage. The owner is putting together a program so we, the crafters, can log in and see what sold and what is still in inventory.

I've started a new project because I can never keep on one thing - designer burp cloths.
Someone suggested I try it and it's a fun little project with lots of possibilities. I all ready ordered more fabric for this idea (some cool minky and some toile) and it's set to be delivered tomorrow! :)

Not much else doing - like that isn't enough. Still packing with a settlement date the end of April. Taking care of the men in my life as well as the furry kids. Good times.

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