Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Bringing some nature into crafts

I love that I can bring the idea of recycling into my crafts and after hanging out with some eco-crafty moms today I have a list of new ideas for recycling (including the coolest tote using magazines, packing tape and a belt!!!).

Now I have it in my head to bring nature into my pendants with pressed flowers from my yard. I currently have some awesome ones with bright yellow petals pressing. My first attempt using a pretty little flower with tiny white petals wasn't awful but the petals get lost, especially since the middle is this huge yellow poof. The graphics in the background were an afterthought. It originally was clear but I wasn't sure how the glue would work. If you wear it and sweat will the glue get sticky and thus stick to you? SO...I added the first thing I saw and here is the result:

1 comment:

Rebekah Smith said...

just beautiful!:-)

love the background too!:-)